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August 14, 2015: Employee Engagement - Wrong Person in the Manager Role. Again.
It's difficult to overstate the negative impact of having the wrong person in a manager role. Managers lacking the skills and talents critical to leading, motivating and developing direct reports can quickly create employee engagement and performance issues; even loss of valued employees. Establishing a hiring/promoting process that adheres to best practices in leadership development is a critical objective.

August 7, 2015: Employee Engagement - Glassdoor Company Reviews: Cringe or Curious?
Glassdoor and similar sites provide a vivid, eye-opening view of the inner workings of companies through current and former company employees. Leadership's perspective on this new information source varies considerably, with some leaders quite uncomfortable with the very public exposure of their organization's inner workings.

July 27, 2015: Employee Engagement - Driving Stellar Performance
Customer expectations continue to increase; competition is stiff in nearly every industry; and the pace of change is accelerating. Organizations must repeatedly achieve consistent growth along with strong financial and people management performance to realize sustainable success.

July 15, 2015: Employee Engagement - Six Critical Elements of Culture
All organizations are known – and often assessed – by their culture. Taking on the task of putting in place the critical elements that together represent an organization’s culture is no small feat. However, it’s importance is substantial to the long-term health of the organization.

July 11, 2015: Employee Engagement - Work. Life. Balance.
Although often not easy, achieving consistent "Work/Life Balance" is critical. The willingness to go "above and beyond" cannot become the norm. Both employees and the business pay the price.

July 1, 2015: How Gamification Helps Employee Engagement
By Susan Spaulding, Recalibrate Strategies and Lisa Hays, Fresh Perspective
For a business to succeed, employee productivity is critical. Fully engaged employees will help a company achieve success. However, if employees aren't engaged, productivity is likely off, and less is being accomplished. Therefore, increasing employee engagement is a must. One recalibrating strategy to remedy that is gamification. What is gamification?

June 26, 2015: Employee Engagement – Careers, Flexibility and Personal Growth
In today's volatile and often chaotic business environment, the ability to attract and retain talented employees may well depend on providing employees with numerous learning opportunities, challenging assignments and consistent rewards with flexibility and personal growth built in.

June 24, 2015: Employee Engagement – Fad or Trend
By Susan Spaulding, Recalibrate Strategies and Lisa Hays, Fresh Perspective
Whether employers like it or not, employee engagement is real, evolving and established from "the inside out." In fact, employee engagement can literally become one of the single largest differences between successful companies and those that fail to achieve success.

June 19, 2015: Employee Engagement – Motivating Employees
The right motivator, in recognition of an employee going “above and beyond,” has the potential to create a domino-effect of positive actions.

May 29, 2015: Employee Engagement – Empathy: More Powerful than You Think
"Soft skills" such as empathy, are now recognized for their significance in building bonds between people, increasing employee engagement and strengthening corporate culture – all contributing to profitability and long-term organizational viability.

May 22, 2015: Employee Engagement – Appreciation: A Little Can Go a Long Way
Quite often it is very simple personal actions to recognize an employee's accomplishments or "whatever it takes" attitude that create lasting positive employee engagement.

May 8, 2015: Employee Engagement – Preparing for an Aging Workforce
In addition to an aging population, a variety of factors are driving older employees to stay in the workforce longer. These employees offer experience, expertise, and are also likely more engaged. Companies that make minor modifications to adapt to an older workforce, provide a desirable culture and challenging work will benefit substantially from older workers remaining on board.

May 1, 2015: Employee Engagement – Five Reasons to Make It a Top Priority
Achieving sustained company growth and profitability in the face of global volatility, pressures to deliver breakthrough innovation and an extremely competitive environment is a complex challenge for today's business leaders. Read here for five ways to create a company where talented and engaged employees drive sustained success.

April 24, 2015: Employee Engagement – Today and Looking Forward
Gallup has tracked employee engagement since 2000. Although increasing, there is considerable room for improvement. Beyond the obvious internal benefits, engaged employees drive greater company profitability.

September 18, 2014: Top Ten Reasons IKEA is the Consummate Retail Brand
Having "shopped" (observed and evaluated) well over 1,000 retail establishments in my career to date, it takes substantial and compelling differentiation for me to sing the praises of a retailer. IKEA passes that high bar.

August 18, 2014: Walmart Faces Concerned and Vocal Shareholders
Walmart, as are other global conglomerates, is increasingly facing substantial shareholder activism. Since some activists are now supported by large institutional investors, perhaps Walmart leadership will begin to listen carefully and provided well-considered responses.

"Think Like a Submarine Captain"

If you want to get better at monitoring your competition, you might want to look to submarine crews for inspiration. After all, there's a reason why submarines come loaded with some of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art surveillance systems known to man. If the crew members can't track their adversaries—while keeping their own position and strategies secret—they could literally be dead in the water.

Click here to read the full article as published in Thinking Bigger Business Media Inc.

"Preparing Young Adults for Fulfilling Futures"

A few generations ago it was common for a person – after high school – or perhaps college graduation – to take a job at a company, perhaps hold several positions, then 30+ years later retire from the company. That is now a virtually non-existent scenario – and not likely to return.

Click here to read or download the full White Paper.

Redefine “Normal”

It’s not new news that there really is no overall “normal.”  We use all kinds of other terms to attempt to clarify what in specific situations we are defining as “normal”, such as typical, representative, standard, average, etc.  However, there has generally been a “normal” for each of us that although it changes over time, changes in some evolutionary fashion.  Our change may or may not be related to changes around us.

However, given the seismic shifts across the world in the last few years impacting the daily lives of MANY people, what used to be “normal” will never be normal again.  In some cases we are choosing this new normal, in others it is thrust upon us.  Also, frequently a change to our norm in one area of our lives has a domino effect across our lives, and sometimes the lives of others.  Whether positive, negative or neutral, the key is that “things” are not what used to be.  That is simply reality.

Quoting, some very wise people,

We are responsible for actions performed in response to circumstances for which we are not responsible.  Allan Massie (Scottish Journalist & Novelist)

Life is lumpy.  And a lump in the oatmeal, a lump in the throat and a lump in the breast are not the same lump.  One should learn the difference.  Robert Fulgham

From my perspective, there are three major outcomes of change on this scale:

  1. We figure out what we can control and control it.  We figure out what we can’t control and accept it, adapt to it and do whatever is necessary to limit its impact on our lives. 
  2. We determine what positive outcomes these changes bring – perhaps they are simply wonderful changes.  Or, perhaps we find and make the most of the silver linings.
  3. We see how changes have impacted others, and where we can, we provide whatever assistance we can – as they change, accept, adapt and redefine their lives.

In each case, we are redefining normal – and making the most of it.  It is important to understand just how broad the scale of some of these changes can be.  It is critical that we work TOGETHER in ways we’ve never worked together before.

What worked before may not work again.  These are different times.  We must be open to trying new things – to redefine normal – and become comfortable with continuous change.  I don’t think this is a time to sit tight, hunker down, and wait it out.  This isn’t some passing thunderstorm or tornado.  The changes taking place today have far-reaching consequences.  It is important that we all do as much as we can to contribute to positive change, we ensure our voices are heard when decisions are being made regarding future change, and we know when to accept change that is simply not in an arena we control. 

Those who understand the benefits of change and use this time of great change to prepare themselves and their businesses for a new future will be those that reap the greatest rewards.  There may be a time when change is not happening in such a broad scale in so many areas.  However, change is here to stay.  Tremendous innovation is often an outcome of very challenging times of great change.  I believe that is the case now as well.  Where I see a difference, is that historically innovation took place within an organization.  Today, in some cases that is still reality.  However, it is being overshadowed by many examples of life-changing innovations resulting from teams working together across companies, internal silos and across the world to create new realities that would never have been possible. These teams exemplify the best outcomes from trust, sharing of resources and talent, significant and consistent effort and true collaboration.  Those are the exciting stories, and the ones that challenge the rest of us to get out of our previous “boxes” and stop making “baby step” changes and make radical, life changes.  Good luck! 

Send me an email @ if you have any comments on my perspective.  I’m very open to hearing yours.

Best always,

Lisa's Signature

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